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WLSA User Forum - Part 1

WLSA Members User Forum is the latest feature to be added to the website. This post is Part 1 and will cover general information about the Forum. Part 2 covers how to log in.

The Forum initially has two main topic categories: Member Introduction and General Discussion

Member Introduction is the best place for your first message. Tell us where you live, where you like to sail and anything else you want to share. You can even introduce yourself by starting your own message thread with comments and photos.

As Debra mentioned in her recent email to members, the WLSA is trying to promote volunteerism. The Forum is a place where members can share details not only about sailing experience but also work experience, skill sets and hobbies.

While the Forum is not intended to replace phones or email it can be a useful communication tool.

If the Forum proves to be popular with members it might be a useful for arranging cruises, day trips,

crews, skippers etc.

In the future any category of interest can be added - (e.g. sharing information about destinations, moorages, anchorages etc.)

Interested? Then see my next post on how to log in to the Forum and Wix - Website Members

Area in Part 2.

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