WLSA 2022 Christmas Dinner

Updated: Oct 19

Hello Warmlanders,

With our growing club, we have more members wishing to attend this year's WLSA Christmas Dinner. The only way the Genoa Bay Cafe could accommodate the twenty four confirmed guests to date, was to split us up and so we've changed the venue to The Cook and Butcher, located in the Oceanfront Suites at Cowichan Bay, 1681 Cowichan Bay Rd. Same date and time, Friday December 9th, 5:30 pm.

I haven't been there since it's become The Cook and Butcher but by all accounts it's good food in a large lovely dining room with views of the bay. The menu is quite extensive so there should be something for everyone to enjoy. Looking forward to it! If you wish to attend but haven't confirmed as of yet, please let me know.



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