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Vessel Booking Tips

(1) There is an issue a number of WLSA members (including yours truly) have run into while making

a vessel booking:

You enter your booking information, including the dates, on the WLSA website booking page but then part way through the booking process you decide to make a change.(e..g. you were going to book the boat for 2 nights but you decide to change it to one night)

If you have closed down the booking page and re-started the booking process you may find that the vessel is no longer available for the day you want.

Don't Panic! This is just a temporary problem. All you need to do is wait 15 minutes and try again and the vessel should now be available.

(2) If you run into problems in general during the booking process (or any other type of online booking, online banking or completion of any online forms), it may be the fault of your browser cache, not the booking system.

There are a couple of ways of dealing with this. If you have more than one browser running on your computer you can simply try booking with the other browser.

The other and, usually, the best method is to clear the browser cache. There are different procedures for different web browsers (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge etc.)

Here's a good article:

- Glen

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