Power Division Purchase 'The Grand Adventure'

Hello Everyone,

Some good news for the club’s Power Division, “PD”. They have acquired a Grand Mariner with moorage in Maple Bay! The vessel is sound, has good bones, and the engine is solid. PD members are currently attending to numerous items including general housekeeping, survey deficiencies, bright work, and ensuring we comply with all Coast Guard requirements. The intention is to have the vessel in good operational condition and looking good by mid July.

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the PD, there are currently five out of the ten memberships available with costs as follows:

MEMBERSHIP COST: $6500 until August 30. $7000 starting September 01

MONTHLY FEE: $150 (not including fuel)

BOOKING FEE: $45 per day

And so, our Club’s Grand Adventure continues, Congratulations PD!


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